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Highlead Special Purpose & Programmable Machines

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Model GM288

These overlock and safety stitch machines are available for a wide variety of sewing applications. Equipped with ball bearings and/or needle bearings they run quiet and smooth at high speeds. A fully enclosed lubrication systems ensures a long service life. The silicon oil needle cooling device as well as a knob type stitch regulator and fine adjustment capabilities of the differential feed dog are standard features on all subclasses. These machines can be used to sew such products as innerwear, polo shirts, knitwear, sweaters and jeans.

Model : YXP-18

A high quality skiving or material scraping machine that is used to skive all kinds of leather products, synthetic leather and rubber articles. It comes equipped with an automatic chip cleaner and knife sharpening clutch. Skiving width is adjustable from 15 mm to 50 mm.

Model : HLK-03

This electronic bar tacking machine uses a control system produced under license from Mitsubishi Electric and is equipped with 16) commonly used bar tacking patterns in memory. By using the optional digital pattern input device any sewing pattern up to 9999 stitches can be performed within the 30mm x 30mm sewing area. The machine offers versatility and flexibility in all production environments.

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