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Highlead Cylinder Arm Lockstitch Sewing Machines

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Model : GC2268


Style GC2268 is a cylinder arm walking foot (triple transport) machine that uses a large capacity vertical hook and is designed with modern, contemporary styling. It features a sliding lever thread take up, a dial type stitch regulator and an inside belt to drive the top shaft and hook shaft at ample speed. A high presser foot lift and long stitch length make it useful in the manufacture of heavy duty luggage, soft sided bags, seat cushions and binding operations on luggage, tote bags and similar articles.

Model : GC2698


This model is designed with a small radius cylinder bed and a compound feed mechanism. The small radius cylinder bed allows for easy access to sew on such items as thin leather garments, shoes, slippers, and for binding on seat cushions and similar operations. It is available in three subclasses to meet different requirements.

Model : GC22618

A cylinder bed heavy duty lockstitch machine,machines of class GC22618 are designed with a sliding bar thread take up, a vertical axis rotating hook, a drive belt to drive the arm shaft and hook shaft, a compound feed mechanism and a dial type stitch regulator and lever type reverse feed mechanism. The high pressure foot lift and longer stitch length make it useful in the production of heavy duty luggage, suitcases, seat cushions, and binding operations on luggage and tote bags and similar articles.I'm a paragraph.

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