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HIGHLEAD Sewing Machines in Australia


For over 35 years, Japanese Industrial Sewing Machines Pty Ltd (based in Sydney, although distributing nationally) has been buying and selling new and used machinery for the sewn products industry. The Managing Director, Warren Ball has managed the operations of the business since 1979 when he set-up the business.


Originally we supplied new and used machinery to the Australian garment trade. As manufacturing began relocating offshore to Asia in the late 1990’s, Warren started to diversify the business, firstly focusing on business suit manufacturing in Australia, and then later in the 2000's the focus switched to products involving the leather and canvas industries.


Warren's honest approach and knowledge of both product and market value have made him a well respected resource for many others in the industry.


In 2002 we become the Australian sole authorised distributor for the Chinese made HIGHLEAD brand sewing machines. These high quality machines have been specifically designed for the heavy duty stitching required for the leather, upholstery and canvas trades.


With the addition of the HIGHLEAD line, Japanese Industrial Sewing Machines Pty Ltd is now the most complete source for all of your sewing machine needs.



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